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CINS 2013 Annual General Meeting

Prof Jeffrey Quilliam, Department of Physics, Sherbrooke University

Prof Lennart Bergström, Dept. of Materials & Environmental Chemistry, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden

Prof Daniel Fredrickson - BIMR Seminar Presenter

Prof Anthony Mittermaier - BIMR Seminar Presenter

Prof Daniel Dessau - BIMR Seminar Presenter

Prof Andrew Knights - BIMR Seminar Presenter

Prof Gianluigi Botton - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Robert Boyd - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Tobin Filleter - BIMR Seminar Speaker

5 Years of Advanced Microscopy One Day Workshop

Prof Simarjeet Saini - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof X. Chris Le - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Cancelled - Prof. Ishwar K. Puri - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Bart Bartlett - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Elisabeth Gilles - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Andrew Grosvenor - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Goran Nilsen - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Kagan Kerman - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Stuart Rowan - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Stephanie L. Brock - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Marcelo Jaime - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Gilbert Walker - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Stephen Hill - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Modern Methods of Crystal Growth - BIMR 2014 Summer School

Prof Michael Schick - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Michael Schick - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Kefeng Cai -BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof James Sullivan - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Evvy Kartini- BIMR Seminar Speaker

IUCr Commission on Magnetic Structures

Advanced Electron Diffraction Methods for Materials Analysis

Dr. Patrick Clancy BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof Ishwar K. Puri - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Kathryn Grandfield - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof. Alan Grossfield- BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Holger Becker - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Michael Shatruk - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Scott Geraedts, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Heiko Heerklotz, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Peter Macdonald, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Edgar Kooijman, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Guoxing Miao - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Hamed Majedi, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Fazel Tafti, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Joseph Maciejko, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Lucy Clark, BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Séamus Davis- BIMR seminar speaker

Morrison Lectures 2015- Dr. Jeff Dahn

James A. Morrison Lectures 2015

Morrison Lectures 2015- Dr. Jeff Dahn

CANCELLED Dr. Craig Fennie

Dr. Pierre Richard - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Christopher Yip -BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Gregory MacDougall - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Susan Kauzlarich - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Eli Sone- BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Gerald Feigenson- BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Bhavin Shastri - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Victor Vakaryuk - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Ctirad Uher- BIMR Seminar Speaker

MSC-SMC Annual Meeting 2015

CCEM Summer School on Electron Microscopy 2015

Dr. Qiang Li - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Metallic Alloys

Dr. Jacob Ruff - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Xianglin Ke - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Jason Benedict - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Andrew Knights - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Yuntian Zhu - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Roman Genov - BIMR Seminar Speaker


Dr. Ryan Wylie - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Christopher Kitchens - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Jeff Rau - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Gregory Fuchs - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Special Seminar - Dr. Jaana Vapaavuori

Dr. Abraham Strook - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. David Wilkinson - BIMR seminar speaker

Eteri Svanidze - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Tom Bieler - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Ted Sargent - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof. Ben Zhong Tang - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Sarah Veatch - Special Joint Physics/BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Zin Tun - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Prof. Craig Fennie - BIMR Seminar Speaker

2016 Whidden Lecture - Public -Prof. Amber Miller

Whidden Lecture - Graduate Student Session

2016 Whidden Lecture - Scientific - Prof. Amber Miller

Prof. Andrew Grosvenor - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Giovanni Fanchini - BIMR seminar speaker

Dr. Nianqiang Wu - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Carl Adams - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Stephen Levy - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Armand Beaudoin- BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Jorge Sofo - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Philip Egberts- BIMR Seminar Speaker

8th Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy and EEL Summer School

23rd Internation WIEN2k Workshop

Dr. Hiroshi Jinnai - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Ignacio Vargas-Baca - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Jun Yang - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Dirk Kuhlmeier - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Irene Goldthorpe - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Tohid Didar - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. K. T. Jacob - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dean Chapman - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Andreas Fall - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Zahra Yamani - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Maikel Rheinstadter - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. John Katsaras - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Feng Li - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Richard Oakley - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Richard Oakley - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Ozzy Mermut - BIMR Seminar Speaker

Dr. Alex Adronov - BIMR Seminar Speaker

James A. Morrison Lectures in Materials Research

James A. Morrison Lectures in Materials Research

James A. Morrison Lectures in Materials Research

BIMR Seminar Series January 27 2017

BIMR Seminar Series January 30 2017

BIMR Seminar Series Charles de Lannoy

BIMR Seminar Series Michel Côté

BIMR Seminar Series Speaker Eva Hemmer, University of Ottawa, Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences


BIMR Seminar Series Speaker Drew Marquardt

BIMR Seminar Series Speaker Helmut Fritzsche


BIMR Seminar Series - Emily Cranston

BIMR SPECIAL DAY SEMINAR - Professor Martin Mourigal - Georgia Tech

BIMR SEMINAR SERIES - Bruce McCord - Florida International University

BIMR Speaker Professor Weihua Li - Fudan Univ

BIMR Seminar Series - Michael Hayward - Oxford - UK

Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH) - B. Gaulin

V N Du Le Research Associate McMaster University

Zhi-Feng Huang, Associate Professor, Wayne State University

Professor Yurij Mozharivskyj *McMaster University

Associate Research Professor Yoosuf Picard * Carnegie Mellon

Professor Stefan Andersson-Engels *SPIE, IPIC, Tyndall National Inst, Dept Physics, UCC, Cork, Ireland

Gregory A. Chass, Reader (Professor) Queen Mary, University of London & Dept of Chemisty, University of Hong Kong

Professor Mikhail Kats* University of Wisconsin

Professor Suning Wang * Queen's University

Associate Professor Kevin Diamond *McMaster University

Professor Dmitrii Perepichka *McGill University

Professor Michael Brook, Department of Chemistry, *McMaster University

James A. Morrison Lecturer Seminar - Professor Frank S. Bates, University of Minnesota

James A. Morrison Lecturer Seminar - Professor Frank S. Bates, University of Minnesota

James A. Morrison Lecturer Seminar - Professor Frank S. Bates, University of Minnesota

Professor Nabil Bassim, Materials Science and Engineering, *McMaster University

BIMR Special Seminar - Professor Chris Jacobsen, *Argonne Lab/Northwestern University

Professor Martin Green *Leader Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development Group, NIST

Professor Jeremy Robinson, *Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. Joshua Robinson *Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Penn State University, PA

Professor & Director Hector D. Abruna *Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology and Energy Materials Center at Cornell University Ithaca, New York

Professor Alexander Sinitskiy *Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE

Professor German Sciaini, *Nanotechnology, University of Waterloo

Associate Professor Joshua Caldwell *Mechanical Engineering Dept.Vanderbilt

Neutrons at Mac: Building Networks for Canadian Neutron Scattering

25th WIEN2k Workshop June 12 - 16, 2018 Boston College

Professor Zbigniew R. Zytkiewicz, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Professor Wolfgang Smith, Technical University of Munich

Klaus Mathwig University of Groningen, Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis,Groningen, The Netherlands

Dr. Lucio Colombi Ciacchi University of Bremen, Germany

Professor Jean-Michel Nunzi, Department of Chemistry Queen's University

Professor Hlynur Gretarsson, Max-Planck for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany

Professor Jose Moran-Mirabal,Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, McMaster University

Dr. Ron Rogge, Principal Scientist, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, ON

Professor Dave Sinton, Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto

Professor Dave Sinton, Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto

Dave Sinton, Professor Mechanical Engineering University of Toronto

Professor Jaana Vapaavuori, Dept of Chemisty, University of Montreal

Professor Jean-Pierre Landesman, University of Rennes-1, France

Dr. Laurent Malaquin, Director de Recherche, ELiA, LAAS-CNRS

Professor Shana Kelley, Dept of Biochemistry, University of Toronto

Professor Kemp Plumb, Dept of Physics, Brown University Rhode Island NY

Professor Jun Fan, Dept Materials Science and Engineering, City University Hong Kong

Professor Jian-Hua Jiang, School of Physical Science and Technology, Soochow University

Professor Jillian Buriak, Canada Research Chair of Nanomaterials for Energy & Alberta Innovates Industry Chair for Solar EnergyDept of Chemistry, University of Alberta

Professor Jillian Buriak, Professor Dept Chemistry, University of Alberta

Professor Manish Kumar, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Penn State

Professor David Cooke, Department of Physics, McGill University

Professor Todd Palmer, Materials Science and Engineering and Director of CISP, Penn State

Professor Ryan Lewis, Engineering Physics, McMaster University

Professor Drew Higgins, Chemical Engineering, McMaster University

Dr Yu-Chih Tseng, Canmet Materials

CANCELLED Professor Ghada I. Koleilat, Chemical Engineering, Dalhousie University

Professor Ghada I. Koleilat, Chemical Engineering, Dalhousie University

Zhongwei Chen, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Clean Energy & Professor

Professor Kambez Benam, Organs on Chips, University of Colorado

Max Schemmer, PhD. Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay

Dr. Daniel Banks, National Research Council

Dr. Phil De Luna is Program Director, Energy Materials Challenge Program at the National Research Council Canada

Professor Steve Shih, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal Quebec

Professor E. Johan Foster, Materials Science & Engineering, Viriginia Tech