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Education and Outreach

A key component of the BIMR’s mission is to disseminate recent important results from the national and international materials research community, as well as to stimulate lively discussion related to contemporary materials problems. Our Seminar, Workshop, and Conference program also provides a vehicle for stimulating new collaborations and opportunities for multi and interdisciplinary studies. This is important for our faculty members and external user base, but also for the large cohort of highly qualified personnel, who usually make up a large fraction of the audience for these events.


As an institution dedicated to the creation and diffusion of knowledge, BIMR conferences provide an avenue for participants to learn innovative and cooperative tools to aid in the expansion of professional/personal responsiveness and academic sophistication.

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The BIMR Seminar Committee consists of members who are intended to represent a large crossection of the activities of the BIMR. The committee meet and organize weekly seminars that will interest an interdisciplinary audience. Speakers are invited to spend time on campus for informal discussion with interested faculty/students.

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Workshops & Summer Schools

BIMR workshops and summer schools provide participants the opportunity to share their expertise, generating lively discussion, cohesive and cooperative exploration while facilitating new and innovative approaches to research.

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