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Maureen Joel Lagos, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy McMaster University

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Monday, February 24, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Exploring new research areas in quantum materials and nanophotonics with sub-5 meV EELS spectroscopy

McMaster has embarked on a mission to acquire an electron microscope that will enable the realization of spatially-resolved spectroscopic studies using an electron probe of the size of a hydrogen atom with sub-5meV energy resolution. Recently, this combination of spatial and energy resolution in a single probe has provided us with unique opportunities to study quantum excitations (phonons, plasmons) in nanostructures with remarkable spatial resolution, in real and momentum space, and to extract new physical/chemical properties of materials. In this talk, I will present our recent progress on phonon spectroscopy of nanomaterials and I will discuss a plethora of opportunities associated with the application of this spatially-resolved sub-5meV EELS technique to the study of quantum materials and nanoscale photonics materials. For condensed-matter systems, this new measurement tool will complement other probe techniques (ARPES, I-XRS, neutrons) by measuring electronic/phonon transitions in real and momentum space, with unprecedent spatial resolution. For instance, new EELS spectroscopy results will bring further insights into the physics of pseudogap phase of superconductors and evaluate the role of structural defects on their electronic properties. Also, I will present scenarios where EELS can benefit the field of nanophotonics, in particular, in areas of terahertz photonics and high-refractive index materials.

The addition of this new spectroscopy technique will put McMaster in the worldwide leadership of spatially-resolved spectroscopy tools and it represents an open invitation to the McMaster community to join efforts in the implementation of the exciting science.

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JHE 326H