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Dr. Patrick Woodward, Department of Chemistry Ohio State University

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Monday, March 2, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

The magnetism of double perovskites containing 5d transition metal ions


In this talk I will discuss the magnetism of oxides containing 5d transition metal ions, which differ from their 3d transition metal oxide counterparts in several fundamental ways: (1) the 5d orbitals extend further from the nucleus which can lead to unexpectedly strong superexchange interactions, (2) for similar electron configurations the spin-orbit coupling of 5d ions is much stronger, and (3) competing magnetic ground states in 5d transition metal oxides are very sensitive to distortions of the lattice. In this talk I discuss our studies of the magnetic properties of A2MM′O6 double perovskites where M′ is either osmium or rhenium. I will discuss double perovskites where the 5d ion is the only magnetic ion in the structure, as well as double perovskites that contain both 3d and 5d ions. Both classes of materials show an extreme sensitivity to distortions of the crystal structure.




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JHE 326H