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Dr. Ron Rogge, Principal Scientist, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, ON

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Friday, October 5, 2018 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Title: Seeing the Unseen: Using Neutrons to Solve Problems and Mysteries

Abstract: Thanks to having no charge, neutrons are highly penetrating in most materials thereby seeing what many other probes cannot see, both non-destructively and safely.  This has been used to great advantage by industry to improve performance and safety, undertake failure analysis, address regulatory requirements, advance fabrication methods and expand markets.  To highlight industrial use, the talk will present measurements performed on a Victoria Class submarine.  Within the context of nuclear security, nuclear forensics helps address the key issue of identifying the nature and origin of radioactive and nuclear material in order to improve physical protection measures and prevent future theft or diversion of these materials.  Results will be presented from neutron imaging, neutron diffraction, and delayed neutron analysis that were applied to examination of found sealed capsules containing unknown radioactive materials are presented.  Of particular note is that neutron beams permitted examination of the samples while they were contained in a lead-shielded container.  Time permitting, the presentation will conclude with the application of neutron imaging toward addressing global food security.

Biography: After graduate studies at McMaster, Ron joined AECL (Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.) as a Research Associate (PDF) in 1993.  The neutron scattering program at Chalk River Laboratories was transferred to the NRC (National Research Council) in 1997.  At that time Ron was hired as an NRC Assistant Research Officer and by 2008 had been appointed as a Senior Research Officer and a Scientific Group Leader.  Ron accepted a position with the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) as a Senior Scientist in 2015 and has since been appointed as a Principal Scientist.  Ron is currently the Head of the Neutron Scattering Section. 

Ron’s primary research activities at Chalk River have been leading the Applied Neutron Diffraction for Industry (ANDI) activity along with seeking out and developing new neutron beam applications.

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