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Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH) - B. Gaulin

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 9:00am to 6:00pm

Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH) Chinese Academy of Sciences Solid State Functional Materials Laboratory

Visiting McMaster and BIMR is a group of Chinese scientists from CNITECH,

Minghui YANG (杨明辉), a solid state materials chemist who has a PhD from Edinburgh in solid state materials;

Paul Attfield, post doctoral work at Cornell

Frank DiSalvo describes their research interests as:

Anything related to solid state chemistry(or materials) in particular for PEM fuel cell and enviromental applications such as air/water purification are welcomed! Since clean energy and enviromental protection or recovery related topics are going to be strongly supported by the Chinese government in the next 10 years and certain for research collaboration between China-Canada! For this trip, as soon as we could talk to someone who would love to setup some collaboration between McMaster and NIMTE is going to be very helpful for us!

BIMR will host meetings with this group in ABB 431 on May 16. I'd encourage anyone with possible related interests to set up a meeting with this group to discuss mutual interests, and to potentially show them your facilities.

Please contact Trischa Newfield ( to arrange a schedule.

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ABB- 431