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Professor Al-Amin Dhirani, Department of Chemisry, University of Toronto

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Monday, January 13, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

A tale of two nanostructured materials: exploring exotic quantum charge transport and low cost optoelectronic devices

There have been great advances over the past few decades in the fabrication of nanostructures with control over properties such as size, shape and chemical composition.  A theme of our research is to use nanostructures as building blocks to fabricate materials, ideally with desired properties.   In this talk, I will present results from our group on two such materials. 

The first combines gold nanoparticles + molecules with the aim of generating strong electron-electron interactions.  Such interactions are known to lie at the heart of widely studied exotic quantum phenomena - high temperature superconductivity, for example.  How they do so, however, remains an open question, and systematic control offered by nanostructured materials could shed some light.  We find that nanostructured materials can exhibit remarkably strong electron-electron interactions from two mechanisms, one of which can be made to survive to almost room temperature. 

A second nanostructured material combines MoS2 flakes and molecules to heal defects with the aim of improving photoluminescence and enabling next generation opto-electronic devices.  We find that, using low cost, scalable solution methods and benchtop equipment, heat treating MoS2 flakes with molecules increases photoluminescence to higher levels than previously observed - also exceeding that of MoS2 prepared by chemical vapour deposition. 

These results show that rationally tailoring properties of nanostructured materials from the bottom-up is an approach that is both possible and promising.    

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JHE 326H