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Professor Doug Bonn, Department Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia

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Monday, October 21, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Microwave and scanning tunneling spectroscopy in Fe-based superconductors

The discovery of high temperature superconductivity in a family of iron-based compounds has generated a new wave of research into unconventional superconductivity. As happened previously following the discovery of the cuprate superconductors, much effort has focused on determining whether this is a distinct, new type of superconducting state and what that might say about the
superconducting mechanism. This talk will introduce two different spectroscopic techniques used to study the pairing state. Microwave spectroscopy on FeSe shows the multiband nature of the superconducting state, as well as extreme gap anisotropy, and the likely role of spin fluctuations. Scanning tunnelling microscopy can provide even more information, by giving a means to measure the phase of the superconducting order parameter, as well as gap sizes. I will introduce quasiparticle interference as the means to extract phase information, showing that LiFeAs  is an s+- superconductor.


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JHE 326H