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Electron Optics - SEM

JEOL JSM-7000F SEM and Analytical Accessories

The JEOL JSM-7000F is equipped with a Schottky type Field Emission Gun (FEG) filament which offers high resolution (1.2 nm @ 30 keV and 3.0 nm @ 1 keV) and large probe currents at small probe diameter to meet the needs for the characterisation of nano-structures. A multi-purpose specimen chamber, motorized specimen stage, one-action specimen exchange and an ideal geometry for techniques such as EDS, EBSD and e-beam Lithography are also features of this instrument.

Analytical Accessories:
An Oxford state-of-the-art Synergy system integrates the INCA Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) X-ray microanalysis system with the HKL Electron Backscatter(ed) Diffraction (EBSD) system and the CHANNEL 5 software package allowing for the acquisition of chemical and crystallographic data at the same time and thus a complete characterisation of poly-phase samples. A Nano Pattern Generation System (NPGS) E-beam Lithography (EBL) system has also been incorporated onto the SEM, which provides the electron beam optics necessary for lithographic pattern generation.
• The INCA EDS system allows for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis, image centred Point & ID microanalysis and the spatial distribution of elements using mapping
• The HKL Technology system is equipped with a high resolution camera for crystallographic measurements, high speed texture mapping, phase identification and a Forward Scatter Detector for crystallographic contrast imaging.
• The NPGS nanolithography system is capable of imprinting patterns into PMMA resist materials that have been spun onto semiconductor substrates. Features with resolution of 50 nm or smaller can be achieved. 

Major Specifications


1.2nm (30kV) , 1.5 nm (15kV), 3.0 nm (1kV)

3.0 nm (15 kV, 10 mm, 5nA) for high resolution analytical performance

Accelerating Voltage

0.5 to 30 kV

Electron Source

Schottky Field Emission Gun

Probe Current

<1 pA  to >200nA


x10 to 500,000

Image Modes


Secondary Electron Image

Backscattered Electron Image (Composition, Topography)

Forward Scatter detector (EBSD)

Accessory Ports  

11 ports with optimized geometry for analytical detectors

Specimen Stage


Eucentric goniometer (3 axis motorized)
X= 70mm, Y= 50mm, Z= 3 to 41 mm,
R= 360° (endless)
T= -5 to 70°

Image Store  

Up to 2560 x 2048 pixels

Analytical Working Distance

10mm EDS


The Institute also operates a Philips 515 SEM with 5 nm resolution equipped with a solid-state backscatter electron detector for atomic number contrast and an energy dispersive X- ray analyzer.