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Photonics and Biophotonics

laserlabthmThe Photonics Research Laboratories (PRL) were established in 1998 with the installation of an amplified (femtosecond) Ti:sapphire laser system. This facility, combined with existing nanosecond lasers, formed a set of capabilities open to multiple users. Since that time, the capabilities have been extended substantially. A suite of optical and electronic analytical equipment now exists, and this year the first femtosecond system was augmented with a second ultrashort pulse facility – which has shorter pulse durations and higher pulse energies.

This allows a greater flexibility and capacity to try out new ideas, with nonlinear optical accessories to access a wide wavelength range. Standing workstations have been developed for micromachining and THz spectroscopy. There are over 100 sq ft of optical table available adjacent to the sources for users to develop their experiments