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Polymer and Biomaterial Characterization

Extensive facilities are available to characterize polymeric and biomaterial systems. The equipment available include an MTS Materials Testing Facility to determine mechanical properties, differential scanning calorimeters, thermogravimetric analyzers, rheometers, HPLC systems, aqueous SEC systems for molecular weight characterization, mass spectrometry (including ESI and MALDI-TOF), light scattering, gas chromatography, spectrometers for the UV and visible, organic and FTIR spectrometers, a Fourier transform IR microscope, picosecond fluorescence life-time measurement, instrumentation for surface tension measurement and instrumentation to measure mechanical properties of membranes.

At this time the equipment described above is distributed in a variety of research laboratories and access to Institute members is limited due to the logistical problem of ensuring that users have received appropriate training.