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X-ray Characterization


The X-ray diffraction characterization facilities have capabilities for both single crystal and powder analyses. We have recently added a Ge monochrometer (Cu Kalpha1) to our Bruker D8 Advance powder diffractometer. The resulting high-resolution data provides the new capability of ab initio structure determinations for single-phase solid state and molecular compounds. Also available are an automated Nicolet diffractometer, and high resolution and high temperature Guinier cameras. The inorganic and solid-state single crystal analyses are performed on a Bruker Mo rotating anode generator equipped with a P4 diffractometer and a Smart1K CCD detector. A sealed Ag tube P3 diffractometer is available for very dense crystals. A new Smart6000 CCD detector on a 3-circle D8 diffractometer has been installed on a Rigaku Cu rotating anode equipped with parallel focusing mirrors. This powerful instrument is used for organic single crystals, 2D powder diffraction, and texture analyses, and will soon be upgraded to include a small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) setup for polymer characterization. All single crystal diffractometers have N2 low temperature attachments.