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Jim Garrett

Materials Preparation Specialist

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada  L8S 4M1

Phone: 905 525 9140 x24856

B. Sc. (Hon. Phys.) University of Waterloo

Research Areas:

  • preparation of many novel inorganic materials for research purposes
  • single crystals:
    - intermetallics
    - uranium-transition metal silicides and germanides
    - mixed salts
    - reduced oxidation state oxides
    - alloys
  • alloy preparations by hot crucible and crucibless techniques
  • new chemical species
  • purifications of elements and compounds
  • unusual fabrications of refractory metals
  • technology transfer

Recent Publications:

  1. 1. J. Chu, Ming Lei, S.A. Maloy, T.E. Mitchell, A. Migliori, and J. Garrett, "Single crystal elastic constants of NbSi2" , Philosophical Magazine B, 71 3(1995) 373-382.
  2. T.E. Mason, W.J. L Buyers, T. Petersen, A.A. Menovsky and J.D. Garrett, "Non-trivial magnetic order in Uru2Si2". J. Phys. Condens Matter 7 (1995) 5089-5096.
  3. G.M. Luke, A. Keren, L.P. Le, W.D. Wu, Y.J. Uemura, D.A. Bonn, L. Taillefer and J.D. Garrett, "Muon Spin Relaxation in the Heavy Fermion System UPt3". Physica B, Vol. B186-188, (1993), 264-266.
  4. A. Schroder, J.G. Lussier, B.D. Gaulin, J.D. Garrett, W.J.L. Buyers, L. Rebelsky and S.M. Shapiro, "Incommensurate Magnetic Order in the Heavy Fermion Superconductor UNi2Al3". Physical Review Letters, Vol. 72, No. 1 (1994), 136-139.
  5. D. A. Crandles, T. Timusk, J.D. Garrett, J.E. Greedan, "Temperature dependence of the mid-infrared absorption in La1.84Sr0.16NiO4+", Physica C 216 (1993) 94-98


  • restoration and racing of vintage motorcycles
  • hiking and camping - especially in Iceland
  • teaching kids how to grow crystals

Please see the BIMR-MPC home page for available equipment.